Selection Criteria

Selection Criteria

We choose who we work with carefully. This applies to our partners and agents as well as every brand we represent. 



A brand needs to be suitable for the world stage to gain the most benefit from our services. Each brand we represent is evaluated against the following criteria.


  • Uniqueness
  • Brand-strength/desirability.
  • Attitude of owner: ability to work with and grow opportunities (entrepreneurship) 
  • Mutual financial benefit
  • Scalable
  • Sole agent and exclusivity
  • Competition to IP in design trend regions – Brand extension
  • Availability (trade mark registration)



Partners and Agents

Our partners are selected according to each brand profile. They are measured against the following priorities.


  • Value fit with BL and IP owner
  • Proven ability to grow IP in chosen region
  • Integrity and cultural fit of agent or partner
  • Ability to do deals of mutual benefit
  • Proactivity


The Next Step

If you are looking to take your brand to the next level we suggest you look at the Brand Licensing selection criteria. We welcome your call. 

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