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The East India Company

A unique brand with unrivalled heritage The East India Company has been positioned to be a leading brand in luxury fine foods. Read more...


Entry to India for the Original USA Surf Brand. With market visits and research, brand positioning and our recommended entry strategy to enter the Indian market. Work scope included license partners search and support license agreement negotiations. Read more...

Maverick Jeans

An authentic American brand repositioned and re-branded to service the European mass channel. Maverick, and later Wrangler Hero was built into a dominating market player through its brand prositioning, seasonal direction and product development. Over 7 years, the brand launched across 15 countries growing 8 million units per annum. 

Taking brands to the world

Brand Licensing is a collective of expert partners and associates who have demonstrable expertise in the area of licensing, franchising, brand management and retailing.

Our experts range from senior bankers, capitalists, consultants, retail experts, lawyers, marketers, designers and strategists who approach opportunities with an understanding of both parties expectations and craft a program that ensures success for all concerned.

We create and build brands.

We understand intellectual property.

We are a network of experts who create wealth.

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Partner profiling

Finding the right business fit

After ascertaining your brand and business objectives we select the best team of experts in the region in the best interests of the brand.



Access through our established international network

Dedicated specialists in sourcing, manufacturing and logistics. From one item to millions.

Agencies & Licensing

Maximising your brand's reach

Our partners and associates are experts in brand guardianship – franchise, royalty, agency and territory.



Resources to propel success

Seed and venture capital to develop potential. Exchange and governance to ensure fairness.



Production facilities capable of massive scale

Access to over 5,ooo manufacturing plants in India, China Brazil and South Africa.



Knowing the balance of place and position

With access to thousands of individual retail locations across the world we are able to fit your products to the best customer profiles and locations.


Taking your Brand to the world

Brand owners approach new territories and markets with a fair degree of enthusiasm and a modicum of trepidation. Generally speaking these forays do not come to the conclusion they had anticipated due for the main because of an assumption that business is business and all opportunities are virtually the same. There is a fine line between arrogance and enthusiasm. We succeed where others often fail.   Find Out How...


The solid framework for international trade
Copyright, intellectual property, international law, patents, agencies and royalties. Each area a discipline in itself and each area vital for global success. 

The Next Step

If you are looking to take your brand to the next level we suggest you look at the Brand Licensing selection criteria. We welcome your call. 

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